The First Nasal Spray for Dry Eye — Tyrvaya

Woman rubs her eyes due to dryness.

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A typical nasal spray relieves sinus pressure — but now there’s one that can also relieve dry eye.


If you’re looking for a treatment that works differently to treat dry eye, this is it. Tyrvaya is a whole new way to treat the signs and symptoms of dry eye disease.  


Tyrvaya is the first and only nasal spray that:

  • Treats the signs of dry eye
  • Treats symptoms of dry eye 
  • Helps your body produce more of your natural tear film


How it works:

Tyrvaya encourages the nasal pathways to stimulate the body to produce more of your own natural tear film by the basal tear film, lacrimal & meibomian glands, and goblet cells. 


Who better to ask about the effectiveness of Tyravaya then our own Dr. Rodrigue! Dr Rodrigue has had great success with Tyrvaya. “I noticed an immediate improvement the first time I used it. I experienced sneezing which is the number one side effect and it has lessened the longer I have been on Tyrvaya.”


What makes Tyrvaya different in treating dry eye then traditional eye drops?  


  • Eye drops can be hard to administer and get the proper dosage.
  • Tyrvaya helps your body to produce more of your natural tear film.  
  • Nasal spray will activate the basal tear film and the glands that help the body restore your natural tears.


Tyrvaya is a prescription nasal spray used to treat the signs and symptoms of dry eye disease. While dry eye is common, symptoms may vary from person to person. It’s important for your eye doctor to understand how your dry eye affects you specifically.


The only way to know if Tyrvaya will work for you is to see one of our eyecare doctors. Call us today!

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