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5 Signs You Should Visit the Eye Doctor

Ideally, your annual eye exam is enough to cover your eye health. However, there are several tell-tale signs that your eyes require extra—and immediate— attention. Here are five signs you should visit the eye doctor:   1. Eye pain It’s never a good idea to put up with painful eye symptoms. There are many causes of

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Man and woman outside wearing sunglasses

Do I Need to Wear Sunglasses in the Winter?

As the days get colder—and shorter—a common question comes to mind: do I need to wear sunglasses in the winter?    Although you may feel less heat from the sun during the winter months, don’t be fooled: your sunglasses are just as important on chilly winter days as they are during the summer.    Here are

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The Effects of Chlorine on the Eyes

Have you ever felt a slight burning in your eyes after a swim? Or looked in the mirror after an afternoon in the pool and noticed red, agitated eyes? Irritation is a common reaction when eyes come into contact with chlorine.   The Effects of Chlorine Chlorine is a sanitizing agent commonly added to pool water

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